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Story 1

Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose joined the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Calgary today to provide an update on the installation of defibrillators in hockey arenas across Canada.
In 2011, the government announced 10-million dollars wouled be used to put automated external defibrillators — or AEDS — in hockey rinks.
Since then, Ambrose says the government has installed 25-hundred of the devices.

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OUT: has an AED
<<<< “Of course we want everyone to be active and healthy but with rigourous physical activity does come some risk so we do wanna make sure everyone is trained on AEDS and that every arena like this has an AED..” >>>>

Ambrose says seven lives have been saved using defibrillators under this initiative.

Story 2

Calgary’s mayor says its important for the city to show its support for aboriginal people through a symbolic gesture. City council raised the issue after the Truth and Reconciliation Commision report was released earlier this month.

Ramna Shahzad reports.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says the city can do more to support First Nations here.
Here in the Canadian prairies, espcially in the beggining of aborginal awareness week it is important for us to address that and I think symbols can be powerful

The Mayor’s comments come after the issue was raised in council.

One idea that city council is dicussing is renaming a downtown bridge as a symbol of reconciliation. The Langevin bridge is currently named after Hector-Louis Langevin – who helped establish Indian resedential schools- a system the report called cultural genocide.

Sound up drums

Right across from city hall, the Aboriginal community gathered to kick off celebrations for National Aborginal Week.

Mark Wolfleg was there. He says in the past, issues like this have been brought up and forgotten.

Usually what happens stuff like this happens and then it ends and then everyone goes away

He hopes the city’s show of support won’t be short-term. Ramna Shahzad, CBC News, Calgary.

Story 3

A young woman running for city councillor in ward 2 says racist and derogatory comments on her campaign signs won’t stop her from moving ahead.

“The initial shock of frustration and the initial response of being upset by it happening, but also being the bigger person and saying I don’t give in to ignorance. I’ll pick the sign up and put 10 more where that one has been vandalized.”
Munira Abukar is running in Rob Ford’s old ward against the mayor himself.

Her photo on the sign has been scribbled on – written across it in large red letters – a derogatory term and the message, “GO BACK HOME.”
“Toronto is the only home I’ve known so when people tell me to go back home – I’m already home. I’m in Toronto. I’m home, I’m here. My house is just 2 minutes down the road, I’m just getting off the bus.”

The signs were first bought to Abukar’s attention on Friday night. They were placed around the corner off of Martingrove and Dixie.

Story 4

The wife of a missing man from Burlington is asking the public for help to find him.
50-year-old Janis Ozollapa was last seen on weeping willow drive in Oakville around 2 pm on Tuesday.
Ramna Shahzad has more on what his family has to say.

Patricia Rose can barely hold back her tears as she watches three friends tape a poster of her husband to a mailbox.
‘It’s been tough. I mean, obviously as each day passes it gets harder and harder, I mean just getting up and he’s not there, it’s getting difficult I have to admit, I try to stay strong and I’m thankful I have a support group around me but it is difficult.”

Rose says she checks in with police daily for any updates.
Meanwhile, Ozollapa’s friends are putting up posters in the area, on poles, street-signs and local stores.

His best friend Karlis Blums says he is a very caring and family-oriented man. “It’s been very difficult because as the days go by and you haven’t heard from him, it’s very heart-breaking and to have so far no real leads, worry he’s just disappeared, it gets difficult.”

Ozollapa is white, six feet tall and 170 pounds. He has grey eyes, a goatee and speaks with a heavy Latvian accent.
He drives a black Chevrolet Avalanche with a personalized licence plate reading his last name “OZOLLAPA.”
Halton police are asking anybody with information to contact them. Ramna Shahzad, CBC News, Toronto.